Why Mattify?

Maintain looking clean and confident throughout the day – not the sweaty, oily, nervous, greasy appearance you get from using generic over-the-counter moisturizers.

d*shine provides quality mattifying skin care products designed for men.

Women have makeup to control their skin’s shine to maintain that clean, attractive look. d*shine is that product for men. There’s no makeup here, just the d*.

"Let Your Looks Shine, Not Your Face."

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d*shine’s Signature Mattifying Moisturizer that de-shines your face and skin. Men’s mattifying skin lotion for a hydrated, matte, shine-free, confident look.

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How Does It Work

Traditional moisturizers leave your face feeling and looking oily all day. As a result, you appear dirty, unkept, unconfident, and nervous – not your usual self.

Because you know this, it makes you even more self-conscious about your greasy looking face.

d*shine’s lotion doesn’t make your face oily. It gives you a matte finish – that clean look you have after toweling off from a shower. And it controls your face’s natural oil production to keep you looking fresh throughout the day, longer.

Simply rub it on before you head out or when needed. It’s the easiest thing you can do to look and feel your best.

Oily Face SolutionsOily Face Solution

One Moisturizing Lotion For All

Dermatologist Formulated For Men. The only moisturizer you'll need to hydrate and strengthen your skin while controlling your sheen.

Look & Feel Your Best With d*shine
  • Look and feel your best for any occasion.
Best Moisturizers For Men
  • Be more attractive all day from work to play.
  • Set your best first impression.
Best Moisturizers For Business Men
  • Nail that sales presentation by looking extra confident, not a nervous fret.
  • Be smooth and look smooth on your hot date.
Best Face Moisturizers For Selfies
  • Get that photoshopped look for every social media selfie.
Best Moisturizer For Men
  • Never feel insecure about having an oily looking face again.



  • Dermatologist Formulated
  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • Oil-Free, Lightweight Formula
  • Controls Sebum (Oil) Production
  • Hydrates & Improves Skin Strength
  • Quick Drying
  • For All Skin Types & Skin Tones
  • User Tested
  • Optimal For Teens
  • Trusted By Men, Verified By Woman
d*shine Mattifying Moisturizer (Tube)
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"He doesn't have the d*..."

Oily Face?
Men's Mattifying Lotion

"...HE has the d*"

He definitely has the d*.

He Definitely Has The d*

"He doesn't have the d*..."

Oily Face?
Men's Mattifying Lotion

"...HE has the d*"

He definitely has the d*.

He Definitely Has The d*
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